Thursday, November 18, 2010

Recipe: How to make Venezuelan empanadas

A short video with step-by-step instructions on how to make Venezuelan empanadas from scatch using harina P.A.N. (pre-cooked corn flour).

Simple and quick to make, the half-moon-shaped corn pockets are filled with cheese, shredded beef or chicken, minced beef and even cheese and black beans (called a domino) and then fried.

Easily the most popular snacks in Venezuela, they are eaten as a quick bite for breakfast, a snack between meals or to soak up the beers at the beach. 

At the seaside they are often made with seafood, such as cazon (baby shark) or chipi-chipis (baby clams).

The most filling empanada I ever had was known as the pabellon criollo, a full-blown meal of shredded beef, black beans and  fried plantains stuffed into a larger than usual deep fried corn pocket. One was enough!

This is my first instructional video and I owe a great debt of gratitude to Jorge Franca (who edited the clips and added the soundtrack) and, of course, mi bella asistente Yadira.

Please let me know what you think.


Gabriel said...

Great video Russell. Got me thinking about making some empanadas of my own.

Anonymous said...

This is the wrong way to make Empanadas.

Never use a frying pan.NEVER.

El club de las Empanadas on the Libertador Ave. is the best of the place for Empanadas.

Anonymous said...

I guess the guy who owns the Club de las Empanadas has a deep fat fryer, but we made them like you said and they turned out great.
Sure a deep pan filled with oil is the best way to go as the empanadas are sealed as soon as they drop into the hot oil. But great video. Inspired me to make some empanadas. Gracias. And don't ever walk down Ave Libertador at night looking for an empanada. NEVER. More likely to find tall chicas with hidden extras!

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed your video. Especially the out takes at the end. seeing how to seal and trim the edges was super helpful. Thanks!

Kushiel said...

Poor little aussie girl desperatley missing her empanadas and doesnt know where to find Harina PAN :( :(

I know this is a UK site... but on the off chance anyone knows how to find suppliers of Harina PAN in Victoria Australia i would cry with happiness!

Anonymous said...

You can buy the Harina PAN at Prahran markets in Melbourne!