Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Venezuelan food now on sale in Southampton

Hot and tasty Venezuelan snacks are now available in Southampton on Saturdays, after Yasmily Barrios Teran decided to open a stall selling traditional food from her native Venezuela at the seaside city's popular Bargate Market.

Teran, originally from Maracay, only started selling Venezuelan empanadas (fried cornmeal turnovers with savoury fillings) and arepas one month ago.

The empanadas on sale include plain cheese, cheese and plantain, "domino" (cheese and black beans), shredded beef, minced beef, fish, and the very filling "pabellon" (shredded beef, plantain, rice and black beans).

For those with a sweet tooth, she also sells churros con chocolate, a traditional Spanish combination of piped donut mix that is deep fried, sprinkled with sugar or cinnamon, and served with hot chocolate. A great way to keep out the cold on a chilly day.

The response from her British customers has been so positive that she now plans to continue with the stall until Christmas.

"I didn't know what to expect from the local people. There are no other Venezuelan food stalls here, Venezuelan food is not well known and they haven't tried empanadas before. But they love them, especially the domino - filled with cheese and black beans - which really surprised me," she says.

On her stall, Teran stresses the health benefits of arepas and empanadas, which are made with cornmeal flour and are wheat and gluten-free (perfect for coeliac sufferers).

She uses halal meat so the local Asian population can tuck in too.

For an authentic Venezuelan empanada experience, be sure to spoon on the homemade sauces - a smooth guasacaca (wah-sa-kaka), made with avocadoes, and a fiery picante.

Now she's established, Teran hopes the word will spread and more people will seek out her Venezuelan snacks, especially Venezuelans living in the South of England.

If you want to taste Yasmily Barrios Teran's empanadas visit Bargate Market in Southampton from 8 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. any Saturday.


Anonymous said...

I live in Reading and I would make a trip to Southampton just to buy empanadas with loads of guasacaca on top!

Thanks for letting us know where you can get lovely Venezuelan food in the UK.

Anonymous said...

Sabor y calor humano es lo que necesitaba Southampton, muchas gracias por tu iniciativa y por traer parte de nuestras costumbres a Inglaterra. Saludos desde Winchester.

Radames Becerra said...

Certified! One of the best places in the south of England to enjoy Empanadas, Tequeños and Cachapas. You feel like back at home on a little piece of Venezuela in Southampton with great atmosphere and lovely people.
I will definetly return and would recommend everybody to try any of the food they can offer to spoil you!

Christo said...

How great something to brighten up life!! a visit to Marlo&Yasmily for empanadas with guasacaca sauce!!!! At the Saturday market in Southampton. Various fillings for this Venezuelan "corn pasties" and they are much healthier than their cornish cousins, as they are wheat and gluten free. So you can treat yourself to some Churos with cinnamon afterwards. I have travelled too many countries and have tasted all kinds, but i must say the empanadas they have filled with shredded beef, plantain and black beans is the best thing you can wrap together in an empanada!!! Continue making the south a happier place with your Venezuelan happy food, greetings from South Africa

Anonymous said...

BRENOLFeliciyaciones a YASMILY Y A MARLO esta pareja de emprendedores

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Felicitaciones amigos que sigan los exitos

Katherine said...

I <3 Churro! It's exciting that you have brought Churros to Southampton, first time I tried was in the USA, since then I kept dreaming about and I couldn't find it here. Thanks guys! x

Steve said...

WEll done guys, empanadas and churros are rally tasty.

Anonymous said...

The food is amazing! I definitely recommend going. It's open on Saturdays right outside West Quay.