Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Venezuelan Food at Kingston Food Festival - 20-21 Oct

Venezuelan food is the star attraction at Nochia's International Food and Music Festival, 20-21 October, in Kingston Market, London, KT1 1JS. Stalls will be serving food from 12:30-17:30.

Erika Urvina and the team at Liqui Liqui foods have been cooking up a storm to prepare a proper Venezuelan spread for visitors to the Nochia International Food and Music Festival in Kingston Market this weekend.

This is the perfect opportunity to try a delicious Venezuelan-style empanada (deep-fried pasty) stuffed with pollo (chicken), domino (black beans and white cheese) queso y platano (plantain and cheese), cazon (baby shark) or chilli con carne. They will also have pepitos de pernil (pork sandwiches).

If you have a sweet tooth try one of the tortas (cakes), or a quesillo (creme caramel), all homemade to traditional Venezuelan recipes.

You can also wash your empanadas and tortas down with a drink of papelon con limon (sugarcane juice and squeezed lemons), chicha (milky rice drink) or a tizana (juice of mixed fruits),

The South London food festival will feature live music by bands such as Ant Hatcher, Fused, Stairway to Eleven, and Ethnic Fusion, alongside an equally funky fusion of ethnic foods from Ethiopia, Nigeria, Morocco, the Middle East, the Caribbean, and Mexico.

For more details of the Nochia Food and Music Festival in Kingston Market click here

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Marian said...

Excellent blog! It's reminds me my beautiful country.

Erika I will be there for sure!