Saturday, April 3, 2010

Venezuelan rums on sale in UK

British drinkers are picking up a taste for the caramel flavours and superior quality of dark Venezuelan rums, especially now they are becoming more freely available in the UK.

Santa Teresa's aged rum Añejo is an excellent example of a quality sipping rum that also works in cocktails and sells for £14.99 at the supermarket chain Waitrose.

Pampero's Ron Añejo Especial is another good choice and sells for £17.99 at Tesco supermarkets.

All we need now are some more cocktail recipes:

Venezuelan Rum Cocktail Recipe: El Ritual


Nadia Marie said...

How great! Glad to hear it! I'm trying to figure out where I can get things from the UK here in Caracas! LOL! Great post!

Ceci's Photography said...

Very proud to be Venezuelan! The used to sell the Ron here in Canada,but have not seen it anymore.
By the way I love your blog so much inf about my country...Well done.