Friday, December 25, 2009

Feliz Navidad Con Sabor! Venezuelan Christmas

I'd like to say a massive Feliz Navidad to all those who have visited the blog and sent me their comments. Thanks so much for all your support. I promise I'll post more recipes in the New Year.

I also have to say a big thank you to Luisa and Roberto from TU-UKSABORVENEZOLANO for making my Christmas dreams come true.

Thanks to them I was able to enjoy a traditional Venezuelan Christmas dinner on 24 December with homemade ponche crema to keep out the cold, hallacas wrapped in plantain leaves, ensalada de gallina and a huge pan de jamon - with my name on it!

They also made me a wicked quesillo, Venezuela's creole version of the classic French dessert creme caramel, or flan.

All I had to do was crank up the gaitas for some traditional sounds to accompany the great Venezuelan food and drinks.

To order Venezuelan specialities in London contact Luisa or Robert on 0798-523-9852, 0795-610-1227 or 0178-424-5231 or email them at:


Yiyi said...

Congratulations, Russell! Y ese quesillo se ve buenísimo!!!!!!

gdfngsfhgkjfs545 said...

Absolutely love the website. I just spent 3 weeks in Barinas with my girlfriend's family and have been craving everything on this site since coming back.

Joan Marie said...

Qué bello ese pan de jamón! y el quesillo ni hablar.. nom nom.
I love your blog Russell and the way you explain everything. Today, our independence day, I feel really proud of my country and blessed for people like you who loves it so much!