Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Willie's Cacao Launches Las Trincheras Bar

After a few weeks of looking for Willie harcourt-Cooze's new "Limited Edition" chocolate bar made from special cacao beans sourced from the Las Trincheras hacienda in Venezuela's Carabobo State, I was lucky enough to find one in Waitrose this morning.

At £2.99 for two small, individually wrapped chocolate squares, Willie's chocolate bars are more suited to an occasional expensive treat - or Christmas gift for a special friend - than a daily cacao fix.

But what can you do? Where else am I going to find Venezuelan chocolate of this quality in the UK?

Hacienda Las Trincheras is a small but historic cacao plantation and as such it is being supported by the Venezuelan environmental NGO Tierra Viva, which promotes sustainable development at a number of small cacao plantations that continue to produce unique cacao strains.

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